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Leading On A Global Scale – Reflections Of The Past And Present

Learning Sets are based on Action Learning methodology. As the name suggests it means to learn by doing. By having to lead and manage real issues and implement change for better outcomes. Learning Sets are not…

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Leadership, Lifestyle and Location – Queensland Calling

Senior executives really can have the trifecta of leadership, lifestyle and location as the Queensland health sector recruits to some of the most professionally exciting and personally rewarding roles over the coming weeks. From Director-General to…

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Women in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future

Earlier this month we, along with many others, celebrated International Women’s Day (IWD). Adopted by the United Nations in 1975 as a formal day of recognition, it is a now global event used to reflect on…

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Central West HHS – Leading Rural and Remote Healthcare

In the geographic heart of Queensland lies the Central West region. Known for being the birthplace of Qantas, Waltzing Matilda, and the Australian Labor Party, it is a place that breeds ingenuity, tenacity, and courage. The…

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A Fine Balance: the confluence of generations in the millennial workplace

Demographic variables are changing the way leaders need to approach their employees in the workplace. Is it possible to cater to the needs of Generation Y, Generation X, and Baby Boomers? We are at an unprecedented…

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21st Century Leadership – do you have what it takes?

And if not, what are you doing about it? Pressing sustainability issues and systems under strain of working within paradigms that are no longer relevant urgently need reform. However, to deliver the changes required, leaders need…

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