HG Executive Learning Sets

The Sets offer a confidential environment to share sector intelligence and solve complex challenges with a diverse group of talented peers and your dedicated facilitator.

HG Sets are intentionally provocative and challenging, in a deeply respectful way, and because of that they achieve lasting impact.

We bring together a group of 9 peers with diverse leadership and industry experience to share their insights gained through lived experience and together, with their expert facilitator, analyse and resolve the complex challenges they face.

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Explore your challenge

Name the issue

The aim of the Action Learning Set is to address present work-related challenges, which may pertain to individual, team leadership, or organisational leadership, by discussing and reflecting on them within the group.

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Developing Knowledge and Insights

Go Deeper

Gain valuable insights by exploring various perspectives from other leaders within your group who have encountered similar challenges. Take into account the context and intricacies of the situation, and carefully consider what is significant and what holds the highest importance.

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Create the Vision

Develop a compelling strategy

Sets provide a distinctive environment for reflection, allowing participants to take a step back, engage in discussions about complex issues with peers, and depart from each Set meeting with a clearer understanding. They help solidify your vision, challenge your thought processes, ensure alignment with the issue at hand, and confirm congruence with organisational priorities.


Exploration Phase

Executive Learning Sets consistently embrace the concept of reflexivity, where the set member is encouraged to contemplate insights gained from past experiences, challenge assumptions and limitations and evaluate the evidence at hand.

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Consider Options

Set members encourage each other to think creatively and push boundaries, fostering innovative approaches and encouraging action beyond conventional norms. This collaborative environment cultivates new possibilities, enhances capacities and capabilities, and promotes opportunities for collaboration. Together, they evaluate various options to determine the most effective course of action.

Action the solution, report to peers Icon

Implement Solutions

Action the solution, and report to peers.

Sets are dedicated to the development and implementation of an action plan, with the added benefit of supportive guidance from both the facilitator and peers. This ensures commitment to follow through and accountability for actions taken. Within this framework, specific actions to be undertaken, either individually or as a group are identified, alongside the resources and partnerships required. Details are clarified to elevate commitment levels.

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Reflecting and Evaluating

Describe the insights gained from experience.

At your next Set meeting you will reconvene to evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented solution, record important insights, and make any required modifications. This involves assessing the action taken and engaging in critical reflection, determining the extent to which the vision has been achieved, and making the necessary refinements for further improvement.

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Connect with the right people

There is a purposeful and structured methodology behind making sure each member is placed in the right set.

HG extended an invitation to the Original Learning Set to share their experiences and what being a part of this leadership group has meant to them. We encourage you to watch their reflections in the video, which serves as a compelling tribute to the transformative impact of Sets on careers and the development of exceptional leaders.

Meet our Facilitators

Astute and experienced, you can count on our team of expert facilitators to provide you with support and guidance in navigating the complex leadership challenges you face.

Anne Skipper

Governance Learning Set Facilitator & Coach

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David Hughes

National Manager, New Zealand

Learn More

Karen Roach

Executive Learning Sets Facilitator & Coach

Learn More

Christine Leahy

State Manager, Victoria

Learn More

Paul Ingle

Chief Executive Officer

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Kathryn Cook

Principal Learning Set Facilitator & Coach

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Ken Whelan

Executive Learning Sets Facilitator & Coach

Learn More

Sarah Buckler

State Manager, Queensland

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Stephen Hunter

Executive Learning Sets Facilitator & Coach

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Gloria Wallace

Executive Learning Sets Facilitator & Coach

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Shelly Park

Executive Learning Set Faciliator & Coach

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Dr John Wakefield PSM

Executive Learning Set Faciliator & Coach

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Dr Kevin Snee

Executive Learning Set Faciliator & Coach

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Geoff Lavender

Executive Learning Sets Facilitator & Coach

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Dr Melanie Boursnell

Executive Learning Set Facilitator & Coach

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Explore the Program’s Benefits

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In addition to your Set, connect with leaders from across the wider HG Set community as and when you need to, all of whom are committed to lifelong learning and each other’s success. Together accelerate impactful results at a system and organisational level.

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System Intelligence

Stay across emerging intelligence from different systems and jurisdictions at each Set meeting, enabling you to stay change ready. When executives lead from a place of greater insight and awareness, it allows them to respond, rather then react, and focus on what is truly important.

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Experienced Facilitation

Each Set is guided by an expert facilitator who brings extensive experience to ensure Set members leave no stone unturned in examining and responding to complex challenges. Very intentionally their role is to challenge, to hold a mirror up to group think and help hone the artform of critical thinking.

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