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Managing Economic Risk: Hiring for Success

(Part 1 of 3 – Managing Economic Risk: Hiring for Success; Why Leadership Development is not Discretionary Spending in Economically Challenging Times; Mastering the Challenge of Keeping your Best People) Managing economic risk is an important…

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Where is the next generation of leaders?

Systems have run down their stock of leadership talent over the last 15-20 years. The leadership development surge slowed down 15 years ago as other priorities came the fore. This has left us with a slow…

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Hiring Successful Leaders

By Rhodie Miller The hiring and replacing of leaders plays an integral part in the operational success of any organisation and, in turn, its longevity. The leader of an organisation promotes it, guides its vision and…

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I done right “Specializn”

Yesterday a client commented to my colleague, “Only you guys could ever pull off something like this”. Within 48 hours my colleague had given him a field of four experienced, highly effective leaders for a significant…

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