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True Partnerships are about Engaging with the Problem to be Solved

Public private partnerships aren’t new. They are well established approaches to delivering services and major capital works projects. Multi sector partnerships across a wide range of sectors and involving multiple partners is an increasing reality of…

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Tapping the talent pool of high potential leaders: Creating a road map for success

Next generation leaders will face a more complex range of challenges and must develop capacity to lead responsibly. There are many new challenges that leaders must adapt to in order to guide through unchartered waters. Individuals…

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Inspiring Innovation – Pushing Beyond Your Comfort Zone to Achieve the Impossible

Successful innovation flourishes with good leadership that unleashes the potential in both themselves and others.  High impact leaders challenge themselves and others to see and achieve beyond expectations. They do this by building trust, building engagement…

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Shaping 2013 to leverage opportunities

For leaders and businesses wanting to stay ahead and shape the 2013 they want, there is one critical ability above all others that will count. In a continuing context that will be both unpredictable and unstable,…

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High performance is just as much about the pace of leveraging your capabilities as it is about possessing the right capabilities

The Health LEADS capabilities released last week for comment reflect what’s required for leadership success – however, this is the century where high performance is just as much about the pace of leveraging your capabilities as…

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