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In Conversation With Sarah Brown AM, Chief Executive Officer of Purple House

Purple House is an innovative Indigenous-owned and run health service operating from its base in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. Purple House is entirely Indigenous-run and owned with an all-Indigenous Board of Directors. Listen to…

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The imperative for building your appetite for empathy

“If you could stand in someone else’s shoes, hear what they hear, see what they see, feel what they feel, would you treat them differently?” These are the words spoken by Tony Cosgrove, CEO of the…

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Tapping the talent pool of high potential leaders: Creating a road map for success

Next generation leaders will face a more complex range of challenges and must develop capacity to lead responsibly. There are many new challenges that leaders must adapt to in order to guide through unchartered waters. Individuals…

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Hiring Successful Leaders

By Rhodie Miller The hiring and replacing of leaders plays an integral part in the operational success of any organisation and, in turn, its longevity. The leader of an organisation promotes it, guides its vision and…

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