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Commission with a Mission

It’s not often in one’s career you get to be part of creating and shaping something new, bringing to the fore your vision and innovative flair; quietly confident in the knowledge that positioned and resourced correctly…

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International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare 2017 – Day 2

This is a follow on from my thoughts on Day 1 at IHI 2017 which was convened back in London this year and which in my view was more about embedding the patient experience and engagement…

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CEO Succession, is your Board prepared?

It’s a given, that  the most important task for a Board  is to appoint the right CEO. So how prepared is your Board for appointing a CEO successor, and what can possibly go wrong? And who…

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Interview: Sandy Blake

Sandy Blake is the Clinical Lead for the National Reducing Harm From Falls workstream of the National Health Quality and Safety Commission in New Zealand, a role she manages on a part time basis whilst also…

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Is your Board an effective agent of change?

The Board and the executive team each possess information, that if aggregated, is far greater than the individual information sets. It’s up to both parties to build a relationship and create an environment that fosters valuable…

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