Chief Executive – Northern Sydney Local health District

31 Jan 2023

Throughout the year my team and I are afforded the privilege of recruiting to a diverse range of exceptional leadership opportunities across Australia and New Zealand, and can I tell you, it really is a privilege.

It is privilege in the sense that our clients place their trust in us to represent their organisation well in the market place, honoring their ‘brand’ and what they stand for, and in doing so putting forward candidates who are not only talented but are also a good fit. Fit in terms of values and beliefs and leadership style.

Having been invited to support the Northern Sydney Local Health District Board to recruit to their Chief Executive role this is certainly one of those moments although as I explained to Trevor Danos AM the LHD’s Chair this time it also has a personal element for me.

You see not so long ago I was with a friend and colleague in North Sydney when in the blink of an eye he went from conversational to catatonic, triggering an ambulance ride to the Royal North Shore Hospital and an anxious wait with his wife while he underwent a clot retrieval.

The clinical care was excellent and thankfully so too was the outcome but can I tell you, the pastoral care we received while we waited was frankly exceptional. There were no false promises but plenty of reassurances and lots of little acts of kindness that made all the difference.

I feel that gives me license to say hand on heart I do think this is an exceptional leadership opportunity with an organisation that is dedicated to providing safe, high quality connected care and importantly, an organisation that also understands why it is so important to have families, friends and careers as partners in healthcare.

If you have exceptional qualities in leadership and can evidence a strong track record of success in leading a significant and geographically dispersed healthcare organisation you can find out more about it here.

About the Author

Paul Ingle is the Chief Executive Officer of HG Australia and New Zealand. In addition to his leadership responsibilities, he leads HG’s most senior search assignments and facilitates a number of our Executive Learning Sets. He has an extensive leadership profile across health and human services in New Zealand, the UK and Australia.