Your best life at any age

19 Sep 2019

The purpose of this book, says the author, Andrew Fuller is to invite you, the reader, to think more deeply about the kind of life you want for yourself. The rate of change in our world leaves most of us so busy on the treadmill of existence, meeting the demands we face and, in the process, losing sight of what is important to us. This book is about resilience. How, through understanding stages of life you can have greater awareness on how to adapt to different circumstances and thrive at different life stages.

Andrew Fuller is a leading Australian psychologist. In the process of developing this book Fuller has interviewed over 500,000 people to trace the common stages of life. He says that for most of us, our resistance to change often leaves us stuck repeating the ruts of past stages. In the process, becoming disheartened and disengaged when we lose belief in our resilience.

“Living your best life is a resilient life” according to Fuller and the research on resilient lives can be distilled down to three essential ingredients: