What Our Set Facilitators Are Reading

On the lookout for your next book, tv series or movie? Light reading, insightful, fiction, non-fiction, religious movements, metaphors for business… this short list below from our learning set facilitators has it all.

  • Damascus by Christos Tsiolkas (a powerful and gritty interpretation of the story of Saul/Paul and the early days of Christendom)
  • L’Étranger by Albert Camus (a relatively easy read in French for a non-native speaker)
  • Agent Running in the Field by John le Carré (because I love a good spy story – and isn’t deception and espionage a nice metaphor for business strategy??)
  • On Becoming a God in Central Florida SBS on demand  TV series to binge on , starring Kirsten Dunst (a dark comedy about a pyramid selling scheme with plenty of management (un)learnings to draw out!)
  • Margaret Atwood: The Testaments (sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale)
  • Anthony Doerr: The Light We Cannot See (2015 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the 2015 Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction)
  • Jane Harpur: The Dry (multi award-winning Australian mystery)
  • And for some light relief – Geoffrey Kiel, Gavin Nicholson, Jennifer Tunny, James Beck: Reviewing Your Board: A guide to board and director evaluation.