We find & Grow Great leaders –  State Manager Victoria

01 Jul 2022

For more than 30 years now HG’s brand has been primarily synonymous with the public health sectors of Australia and New Zealand and while governments and systems have regularly changed our relationship with sector leaders has endured.

While we may have started out in public health, a sector that remains dear to our heart,  we have been intentionally and steadily growing and diversifying our work over the past 2 – 3 years.

Today we are recognised for our work not only in public health but private health, primary, community and aged care and also the broader public service.

Because of that growth and diversification, we will be appointing a State Manager for Victoria.

State Manager Victoria

You can read more about the role here but in brief, the role forms part of our Australasian senior leadership team and has a  mix of strategic and operational responsibilities.

So take a look, come join us!

About the Author

Paul Ingle is the Chief Executive Officer of HardyGroup (HG). In addition to his leadership responsibilities he conducts HG’s most senior recruitment assignments and facilitates a number of our Executive Learning Sets. He has a 28 year career in Public Health and Services in New Zealand, the UK and Australia, eighteen of those at CEO level.