We Find & Grow Great Leaders – Come Join Us!

31 Jan 2022

For more than 30 years now HG’s brand has been synonymous with the health sectors of Australia and New Zealand and while governments and systems have regularly changed our relationship with sector leaders has endured.

So why is that?

I guess it starts with our very reason for being as an organisation, To Find and Grow Great Leaders. That seemingly simple set of words actually carries a tremendous amount of meaning for us.

For us it is not about transacting work in a traditional buyer/supplier arrangement.

Call us old fashioned but we actually care about people and their career aspirations and because of that it has meant we have stayed the course with people from much earlier on in their careers, well before they got to the lofty heights of Director General or Chief Executive or Commissioner.

While we may have started out in health, and in particular public health, we have been intentionally and steadily growing and diversifying our work at HG over the past 2 – 3 years.

This is not about being all things to all people and in the process diluting the quality of our work and results. It is about honouring our organisational purpose of contributing to societal wellbeing and we know that great leaders are far better placed to do this by creating the settings for teams to flourish. In turn, a flourishing organisational culture and teams can only mean great service to those who need it.

Today we are recognised for our work not only in health, human and community services but also on behalf of the broader public service.

Because of that growth and diversification I am delighted to share with you two great roles here at HG that might pique your interest or perhaps if not you, someone in your network.

State Manager Victoria

Executive Director Leadership & Learning

You can read more about the roles here but in brief, both roles form part of our Australasian senior leadership team and have a good mix of strategic and operational responsibilities.

As State Manager Victoria you will be very well networked in the sectors we serve and be especially accomplished at engaging with clients and stakeholders at all levels in a meaningful and enduring way. You will also place great stock in delivering on our promise to people every time and be the sort of person who enjoys rolling up your sleeves and at times directly delivering on that promise yourself, be that leading out on our most senior recruitment assignments and facilitating a number of our signature Executive Learning Sets.

As Executive Director Leadership & Learning, you will have led and championed impactful professional and personal development programs and because of that be deeply committed to driving up customer experience and service improvement. As with our State Manager Victoria role you will also be the sort of person who enjoys rolling up your sleeves and at times directly delivering on that promise yourself. In part this will mean personally facilitating a number of our signature Executive Learning Sets as well as directly coaching and mentoring todays and tomorrow’s leaders.

The great thing about these two roles is we can guarantee you a comprehensive induction and orientation to ensure you get off to the very best start. Our State Managers in other jurisdictions have forged a good pathway and can share their learnings with you and because of who we are we will be keenly interested in how you think it could work best in Victoria. For our Leadership & Learning role I currently hold the baton so am well placed to do the same.

So take a look, come join us!