Meet the CEO – Vickie Kaminski

31 Jan 2017

Vickie Kaminski, CEO SA Health, will lead some significant changes.

Vickie Kaminski is a change agent. Actually a pretty impressive one – politically and organisationally sharp, visionary, strategic, influential and has a way with people that gets them engaged. A communicator and listener but always seemingly clear about the direction of travel and the ultimate goal.

She expects scrutiny in high profile healthcare roles and understands that how you get things done is as important as what gets done. She has a presence as a leader and encourages others to take responsibility and be accountable.

I think SA Health has been through an extended period of building a foundation for change – envisioning the New Royal Adelaide Hospital, the types and timing of services to meet the needs of South Australians in the future, the impact of international trends and evaluating them for SA.

Kaminski understands that how you get things done is as important as what gets done…

Ms Kaminski’s appointment is well timed. She has inherited a base built by those who came before her and she has brought significant change leadership skills to drive home a successful change strategy in SA. It will be interesting but the timing and fit seem well aligned. SA Health can look forward to working through Transforming Health phases and become a real leader in integrated healthcare in Australia.

This will have the effect of the leadership and the change opportunities being a magnet for executives from within and from outside looking for a new challenge in a system on the move.