Top tips for leaders for 2023

20 Jan 2023

Leadership is an ever-evolving space and always requires us to learn and adapt. Now more than ever leaders require vision, flexibility and deftness, amongst other key skills.

Here are some tips to enable you to successfully lead in an ever complex and faster changing environment where solutions, expectations and evolving patient needs demand transformative change.

  1. Be a translator who values empathy and participation as a core component of leadership style
  2. Coach your team to co-create future goals and lead with a growth leadership mindset
  3. Don’t wait, address the millennial shift in the workplace from today
  4. Make sure you have good strategies for workplace sustainability, solid, sustainable development
  5. Discover and nurture your leaders of tomorrow, invest now and onboard them early
  6. Increase collaboration and develop strong relationships across sectors, it’s hard but it pays off
  7. Lead, embrace and value diversity in the broadest sense and at all levels of your organisation
  8. Embrace digital solutions, think of yourself as a technology teenager and use technology to increase connectivity enabling your team to do what they are good at, work with people.

Stay at the forefront of system intelligence and be ready for change. When executives lead from a place of greater awareness, it allows them to move beyond reacting to daily stressors and interruptions and focus on what is truly important.

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About the Author

Dr Melanie Boursnell is an experienced Executive and Non-Executive Director who has contributed to improved health and social outcomes in a multitude of health areas. She specialises in scaling leadership, innovation, engagement, capability development and change.