The Secure Board by Anna Leibel & Claire Pales

29 Apr 2022

With the collective global spend on cyber security projected to reach $433bn by 2030, the impact of cyber risk – be it reputational, financial or regulatory – must now be front of mind for all Directors.

Written for current and aspiring Board members, The Secure Board, shares key elements of cyber security for Board Directors to gain the confidence that their organisation is cyber safe. The Secure Board has been designed to be read entirely or as a reference for a specific cyber security topic on your upcoming Board agenda.

Anna Leibel is a Non-Executive Director, sought after advisor to Boards and valuable member of HG’s inaugural Board Set. Anna brings three decades of experience in leading customer, business and digital change to contribute to the wisdom of our Board Set. Claire Pales, Director of The Security Collective and Podcast Host has recently co-authored the book ‘The Secure Board’.

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