The Legacy of the Original Learning Set

29 Feb 2024

I have recently had the pleasure of hosting the Original Learning Set’s final meeting after 30 years.

The member Set may have changed a little over time but many of the “originals” were together for a farewell dinner.

HardyGroup invited them to discuss what belonging to this group of leaders has meant to them. Executive Learning Sets work because they provide a space to discuss real and challenging issues that are of burning concern to the members. They provide a safe environment, to be honest, and challenge each member but in a constructive way. They allow members to network not only with each other but also across systems. Members can truly change outcomes and grow as leaders.

You can see and hear their thoughts on the video, and I invite you to do so because it is a powerful salute to the power of Sets to change and facilitate careers and grow great leaders.

Kevin Hardy

Board Chair & Founder

HardyGroup Australia & New Zealand