Big Data Means Big Opportunities

25 Feb 2021

Healthcare Logic is developing software that helps clinical and managerial leaders improve the performance of their hospitals. Our editorial team spoke to Dr Christopher Ogg, Chief Product Officer to find out how they are offering solutions to the hardest job in the world – managing a Hospital and Health Service.

In a world of increasing patient and political expectations, how is Healthcare Logic offering a solution?

Amid increasing demand and rising political and patient expectations, clinical and managerial leaders lack the required information and standard analyses to perform one of the hardest jobs in the world – managing a hospital and healthcare service. We wanted to change this by creating a world where data flows automatically and is beautifully presented and organised according to priorities and leads users to direct actions to improve the system as a whole. By curating specific datasets and developing novel algorithms, we’ve built a powerful platform that enables teams and staff to make better decisions.

How does a Gold Coast technology start-up become a global leading company?

Having worked in strategic health improvement for almost two decades across five countries and three continents, founder and CEO Martin Connor is driven by the remarkable fact there is no international standard definition of the appropriate data required to operationally manage a hospital.

Our software has changed that and is already being used in more than 60 hospitals where it is optimising performance in areas such as Outpatients, Surgery and Theatres, Emergency Departments, Inpatient Bed Management and Medical Imaging. In search of a solution to many of the global challenges facing hospitals, we have created a common language that is helping solve the dilemma of capacity, demand and process and showing there is a simpler, cheaper and better way. Our software and approach are gaining international attention, -we’re currently operating projects across 4 countries, and are on a trajectory to become the global standard for Hospital analytics solutions over the next 3 years.

What is next for Healthcare Logic?

We are committed to developing software that helps clinical and managerial leaders improve the performance of their hospitals. We’re a unique research and development company with the core aim of creating hospital analytics solutions working in partnership with various health services and academic institutions. Our partnership focus means that our journey is one of continuous enhancement and improvement of our solutions with product development driven by the needs of our end users who can focus on delivering the best possible patient outcomes.

What is the value base that underpins HCL?

We are a motivated, high-performing team interested in helping clinical teams improve access to hospital and health services. We want to serve those who serve and have made it our mission to create a world where you spend no time looking for data and more time improving your clinical system.

HardyGroup has been working with Healthcare Logic to build a senior leadership team to take this ambition and product to the global marketplace.