The Essence of HardyGroup

18 Dec 2019

We are a high touch company. We value the personal connection we create with Clients and Candidates. We have been both so we try to stand in the shoes of those people. We try to understand the essence of the organisation, the role we are asked to fill, and, the fit of candidates with the client and the organisation. Yes, people have to have the skill set and experience but they also have to fit a role and the context that it exists in at a point in time.

I was reminded of this today when I approached someone about an executive role and whilst it was not the right location and timing the role was “spot on”.

They commented that people like her do not seem to be lost in a database and that we touch base with people to see where they are up to, to update their career aspirations and circumstances. I made the point that we are a high touch company who value talented executives and work “not to forget them”.

They commented that they “felt valued and that we understood them as people and executives”. This is our intent. Do we get it right all the time? No. But we are trying all of the time to both value people and to understand them and where they best fit with an organisation.

There is nothing more satisfying as when a client says that “you understand the essence of a role and the type of candidates I am looking for”. This motivates and drives you to succeed and to find a talented candidate field that delights a client. The icing on the cake is then your ability to provide a quality assessment of candidate claims that helps a client to shortlist for interview.

Sure, we are collecting intelligence on systems, organisations and talent all of the time but that is irrelevant if we do not know how to match people, roles and organisations.

We talk about being Trusted Advisers not just search consultants. The essence of this statement drives us to build a relationship with clients and candidates. This means that we can contribute to a successful search but also can provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates.

To return to the person who rang me today – “This sense of connectedness is very powerful and makes me feel valuable and visible”