The 3rd APAC Forum just raised the bar on quality, innovation and sustainable change

30 Oct 2014

APAC 2014 ForumBy Jean Fagan and Kevin Hardy

The 3rd APAC Forum held in Melbourne for the first time in its three year history, raised the bar on what it means to be part of building networks of leaders who are changing the face of healthcare around the world.

APAC just keeps getting better. Over three days from 1-3 September 2014 there was a palpable energy and connectedness that didn’t waiver. What is evident is that there is a growing momentum globally of shared passion of individuals and teams doing some extraordinary work in creating sustainable change. Delegates talked of key take-home messages and speakers such as:

MaureenMaureen Bisagnano, President and CEO of the Institute of Healthcare Improvement. No one understands the art of story-telling to persuade and engage people in listening more than Maureen Bisognano. She tells stories that come from personal and emotional experiences. Maureen wove stories about innovative practices in the community, some so simple and yet life changing and at the same time, small behaviours that resulted in better and cost effective care. With the patient experience central to the process and quality of healthcare, and patient responsibility for their own care. Maureen’s message included encouragement for CEOs and executive teams to recognise that it’s people’s energy, enthusiasm and joy in their role that drives better quality care.

Dr Eric Berlow, Founder Vibrant Data Labs, USA. An ecologist and complexity scientist who showed delegates what it looks like to untangle and simplify complexity and use simple data to focus change efforts.

Dr Dave Williams, President and CEO, Southlake Health Centre, Canada, might have been the last speaker, but people stayed to hear how it’s possible to engage everyone in the organisation at every level in sustainable change. He received a standing ovation.

Muir GrayProfessor Sir Muir Gray, Director of Better Value Healthcare, UK provided an energetic presentation about the Triple Aim and value, but not value delivered at any cost. Sir Muir spoke at APAC with Kevin Hardy about leadership challenges and his view that we should not neglect developing front line management. That it is time to focus on management development. “Leaders shape culture, managers work within the culture”. We have to sort the balance and build management skills capable of skilfully translating strategy into operational implementation.

We encourage you to listen to this insightful conversation between Muir Gray and Kevin Hardy – view on YouTube or view on Vimeo

Designing the future of healthcare - Leaders, Managers, AdministratorsHGI video library: Visit the HGI YouTube Video Channel or Visit the Vimeo Channel

The variety of speakers and topics were stimulating and resonated with people. It wasn’t only Keynote speakers who provided delegates with an opportunity to learn from others. Local speakers from Australia and New Zealand provided the latest thinking and valuable networking with some of the best and inspiring leadership talent.

If you missed the 3rd APAC Forum, then we recommend that you take the time to be in Auckland for the 4th APAC Forum – September 23rd – 25th 2015. We look forward to seeing you in Auckland!