Surviving the Holiday Break

18 Dec 2019

Dear Christmas, Chanukah, and public holiday enthusiasts,

Fitness-guru Felix here, bringing you some ground-breaking advice on staying healthy over the holiday break.

Personally, I have never put on weight during the new year, but then again my fitness regime is driven by self-hate and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I am an emotional wreck but by God I look good.

Moving on. The holidays are for eating and lounging around, and I’m not silly enough to suggest changing that. Let us, for a moment, entertain a more holistic view of health. Push ups for the body and social connection for the soul. With this in mind, let’s peel ourselves off the couch but at the same time remember that the couch has its place. Padded furniture is not the enemy. Professional athletes have off-seasons.

I present to you an example of a morning program that will help get you through the break with a sound mind, nimble body and sun-warmed soul.

7 am

30 minute walk, medium-to-fast pace, without your phone. Why no phone? Because the streets are quiet, the birds are singing, the air balmy, and you owe yourself the chance to be truly, briefly, present in the world.

8 am

Cook yourself something for breakfast, something you normally don’t have time for and  squeeze a few oranges. Sit down when consuming.

Mid-morning hours

Engage in two of the following activities:

That’s it people. Nice and easy. Hardly boot camp. Enjoy those delicious platters and the beautifully dysfunctional company you keep.

Happy holidays!


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