South Australia Appoints New Health Performance Council

29 Jun 2021

The Health Performance Council in SA is a statutory Ministerial advisory body established under the Health Care Act 2008 to provide independent advice to the Minister for Health & Wellbeing on the operation of the health system and health outcomes for South Australians.

With the terms of the members of the last Health Performance Council (HPC) concluding at the end of January 2021, a call for expressions of interest and a targeted search for new members was undertaken in late 2020, supported by Hardy Group.

Up to 8 persons were sought who together had a high level of knowledge of, and expertise in, the provision of health care or administration of health services, able to represent the diversities of SA communities and have expertise in areas such as health system strategy, design, economics and finance and policy.

Over 50 suitable candidates were identified and considered for the 8 available positions.  All of these had skills and experience in the identified areas, and most are experts in their own fields, however in the end it is the combined skills, expertise and knowledge set of the combined HPC that is of value.

The new Health Performance Council has now been appointed by the Governor and took effect from 1st June 2021 with a term until 31 May 2025.  The HPC are:

Program Director Health & Aged Care, The Gratton Institute

Associate Professor Health System Financing and Organisation

Deakin University, Institute for Health Transformation

Deputy Board Chair, Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service

CEO Bureau of Health Information NSW

CEO Desert Health Knowledge Australia

Interim Executive Director Zahra Foundation Australia

CEO Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia

Owner / Director Aurora Meliora Pty Ltd

As a South Australian, it was a privilege to partner with government on refreshing the Council of an organisation focused on the wellbeing of our communities.