Silver Linings

25 Feb 2021

The current environment has certainly brought into very sharp focus, again, the things that have been front of mind for governments, their central agencies and those who lead front line services for years; irrespective of whether that is aged care, healthcare, in all its shades and forms, and so on.

More importantly, it has been front of mind for a very long time for the very people who need to access them. Things like integrated care, services closer to home or better still, and perhaps particularly depending on your age and stage, personalised services to you in your home, wherever that may be.

Suddenly in a pandemic, with stay-at-home orders in place, many of those more traditional modes of service delivery, often bricks and mortar placed, led to rapid acceleration and adoption of technology and low and behold connecting in with people where they were – not where the service was.

It is, of course, neither one model or the other however and despite the challenges the pandemic brought with it there were many silver linings that illustrated that a good number and range of services can be delivered in a very different way.

One organisation with a rich history as pioneers, innovators and leaders of care in the home is Silver Chain. It is in their DNA you might say and that pioneering spirit has stood them in very good stead throughout the pandemic enabling them to provide uninterrupted, seamless and high-quality service to people right across the country.

While technology has been an enabler, and Silver Chain is certainly invested and investing further in this space, what really sets them apart is their people. They have trained and developed one of the country’s largest and highly skilled community care workforces and will continue to build the capability of their people to rapidly respond to challenges and opportunities as they arise.

Led by the very inspiring Dale Fisher, their Chief Executive, it really is a privilege to present to you on Dale’s behalf four exceptional senior leadership roles. With a pioneering history and ambitious future it’s a great time to join the Silver Chain team!

The four roles are:


For a confidential conversation about the role please contact either Paul Ingle –  or Rhodie Miller –  or Liz Hlipala –