Setting a new course – upcoming career opportunities

11 Jul 2019

There wouldn’t be too many organisations these days that enjoy plain sailing year in and year out, particularly as their operating environments becomes more complex.
That could be said of any industry, anywhere.

The healthcare sector is no different and in many ways is arguably more complex. Particularly as good or poor health is part of the human condition and impacts us all at some point in our lives, be that directly or indirectly.

Many years back the Hawkes Bay District Health Board was experiencing a tougher time of things, much of which was reported in the public domain. That resulted in both governance and leadership changes, the

agreement of a clear pathway forward and a determination to get there. A journey, not a destination. I mean to say, when do you every really ‘get there’?

Today it’s an organisation in much better health and we could not be happier to partner with Dr Kevin Snee, their CEO who led that journey, to recruit to the Executive Director Provider Services Hawke’s Bay DHB.

You can read more about it here.

Dr Snee has been at the helm for ten years and later next month starts as the Chief Executive Officer for Waikato District Health Board.

In a recent interview he remarked that the attraction to Waikato was, in many ways, similar to what attracted him to the job in Hawke’s Bay. He described making improvements through the development of better relationships, strategic partnerships and importantly with mana whenua, Ngati Kahungungu.

He went on to say, “There has been a long period of uncertainty in Waikato, and while I’m not underestimating the challenge, I hope to return stability to the District Health Board”.

The uncertainty he refers to is in the public domain. Despite that uncertainty there are plenty of capable people at Waikato DHB and great care and treatment occurs every day.

What would I know you might say? I have former colleagues who work there, good people doing good work, and a little closer to home, my father recently had major surgery there. I saw that care and treatment I was referring to played out firsthand.

Sometimes in one’s career the greater contribution we can make is not the work we do when organisations are enjoying plain sailing – it’s the contribution we make to support an organisation return to calmer waters.

Next week we go live with a role that will play a key part in that journey, Chief Operating Officer Waikato District Health Board. I would strongly encourage leaders in our network to seriously consider this opportunity and to talk it through with us – for a confidential discussion contact Pete Carter +61 (0) 448 729 077 or via email or Paul Ingle +61 (0) 402 796 125 or via email