Let’s explore ‘the why’.

31 Jan 2022

As the first month of the New Year comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on the last two years and how the workplace landscape has changed so dramatically for many. If you follow workplace trends on LinkedIn, you may have come across terms such as the #GreatResignation, the #GreatReshuffle or the #NewWorldofWork.

Essentially, COVID has been a catalyst for talent migration causing many of us to rethink not just how we work, but why we work.

So, what does this mean for us as individuals, navigating our own career path and what does this mean for employers wanting to retain and attract top talent?

Finding your ‘why’ is not as easy as it sounds. there is a plethora of self-help and coaching books dedicated to the subject. I do not profess to have the answers, what I do know is that ‘my why’ has changed over the course of my career and life circumstances.

My gauge on whether I am close to ‘my why’ is Monday mornings when the alarm goes off. If I am approaching the week with anticipation and genuinely feel positive about my working life, then I take this as a positive sign.

As leaders, understanding the why of our people can be extremely powerful. I firmly believe when you understand a person’s values, circumstances, motivators, and aspirations you have a much better chance of facilitating a working environment where your staff feel valued, motivated, supported. Retention strategies such as flexible hybrid -working models, salary and compensation packages, equity and inclusion in the workplace, career development and support come secondary to supporting the why and are all tools we must deploy to meet the needs of our team

“When your why is being met and you are valued for what you do you’ve reached a sweet spot.”

So, whatever your role, circumstance, or career journey, I encourage you to take some time to reflect on your own personal why as well as your team’s.

If, on reflection, you come to the conclusion that your ‘why’ is not being met. Then it may just be the time to take the leap and explore opportunities where you can pursue your passion and address your why. I encourage you to reach out and have a chat with me or a member of my team or better still, take a look at some of our current roles and organisations. – perhaps these will bring you one step closer to fulfilling your why.