It’s About The People (He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata)

25 Mar 2020

Often my team ask me to write about roles we are recruiting to because I know about the organisation and the district, but what else really matters?

As Maori say – He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata. It is the people, the people, the people.

So let’s start with Kath

This role reports to Kathryn (Kath) Cook, the CEO for Mid Central District Health Board. Having trained to be a nurse initially, Kath’s career has now seen her in leadership roles across New Zealand and Australia, both departmental, service delivery as well as a stint with one of the big four. She also holds national roles such as Chair of the DHB CEO forum.

Then there’s Kelvin

The role reports professionally to Dr Kelvin Billinghurst, the incoming Chief Medical Officer, who is en route to New Zealand from Australia. Kelvin trained to be a doctor at Otago Medical School and went on to hold senior medical roles in various healthcare and justice settings, including more recently in rural and remote communities in Western Australia.

Finally to Lyn

The role partners with Lyn Horgan the Operations Executive. Lyn has been in a variety of nursing and management roles since completing her nursing training and took up her new role in 2019 when the district transitioned to its new service cluster structure. Lyn is also a member of the Central Primary Health Organisation’s alliance leadership team, a critical relationship from a service integration perspective.

Different people with different profiles but they all share one thing in common and I think Kath summed it up best when I asked her to bring the position description to life and the ideal person she was looking for.

“You know me Paul, I’m agnostic about all that, they just need to be a really decent person”

Having known Kath for many years I just need to let you know the person will of course need to comfortably meet all the selection criteria, but she means what she says. If you do meet them and you’re a really decent person you’ll find being part of this top team and district a rewarding time in your career.

Now more than ever this role is critical to the organisation providing high quality care and treatment to the mid central region’s communities. Click here for more information on this role.