International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare April 2013 London

23 Apr 2013

cartoon2Kevin Hardy flew to London to attend this year’s IHI conference, which brings like-minded people from all over the world together to explore what’s new in healthcare. In this article, he imparts some of his insights and experiences.

I’ve just finished attending another great IHI Conference, this time in London. Last year, in Paris, was my first and I will look forward to next year in Paris again. IHI has a unique and valuable attraction for me, which I have been reflecting on over the past few days. My days have been packed with planned meetings both inside and external to IHI as well as attendance at conference sessions. The conference felt like it had a greater hospital rather than whole system continuum of care focus this year. I am hoping we will see more of the continuum of care coverage next year.

  1. The people and their inspiring commitment to what they believe in – and always, its about a commitment to a greater cause. There’s a palpable energy and sense of creativity around these people.
  2. The ideas and the talks. They’re about real work, real people and solving problems. It’s a powerful combination. The ideas change lives.
  3. Although the continuum of care focus wasn’t as strongly present for me this year, there were topics such as Gerri Marr talking about “Learning from Scotland’s approach to both a whole system and local approach to cost and quality,” which I found powerfully thought-provoking, as I did some other sessions that planted seeds for approaches I can take home. I always look at conferences through the lens of HGI’s role in networking and connecting high performance leaders and building synergy for results that make a difference in systems. What I like at IHI is the network of leaders with a passion for care, value and results.

As I always do after attending meetings and conferences, I made some notes to remind myself and to share with others some of the best ideas I listened to both at the conference and the important meetings I had with so many people.

My top eleven picks:

  1. Gerry Marr – for sharing Scotland’s approach to cost and quality
  2. Lucien Engelen – for crowd sourcing strategies in Health. I have attached a TED link that is 7 minutes of value time with Lucien on this topic,
  3. James Heywood – For empowering patients through technology
  4. Warren Wong – For transforming older adult care within Kaiser Permanente
  5. Robert Francis QC – For the shocking report on Mid Staffordshire Trust. The consequences have led to changes in the law and I have included a link to the reports including the executive summary
  6. Mark Britnell – for his riveting session on findings of a new global report for payers, providers and patients and the converging forces that will require healthcare systems to rethink the strategies that will fundamentally change their relationships.
  7. Gary Kaplan – for Engaging clinicians in transformational change and creating a
    culture of excellence
  8. Peter Lachman – for reducing harm at multiple levels in the system
  9. Paul Barach – for creating a culture of excellence (patient engagement and acting on stories to improve patient care)
  10. Bob Klaber and John Lee – for paired learning and developing healthcare leadership teams of the future
  11. Helen Bevan and Robert Varnam – Organisational rebels driving change.

The International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare April 2013 London was co-sponsored by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and BMJ