In Conversations with Anne Skipper & Stephen Hunter

22 Dec 2022

As we close 2022, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to our valued members of Learning Sets and acknowledge how COVID-19 has provided an opportunity to think outside the box, adapt our leadership and flourish in this rapidly changing and uncertain world. One of the consistent conversations in our Sets are reflections on system change. We have seen evolutions, shifts in the status quo and opportunities to share – more than ever making Sets the safe place to take time with your peers to reflect.  If ever there was a time to learn from one another and create opportunities from the past few years it is now. Scanning over discussions at Sets and what matters most we see increasing discussions about technological transformation, cybersecurity and how to maintain, grow and develop our workforce who continue to perform in the ongoing uncertain environments.

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure to meet with two of our wonderful Learning Set facilitators; Anne Skipper AM and Stephen Hunter. Anne shared some advice for Executives who may be considering attaining a Non Executive Board Director Position and how could they make that important transition.

Our own Cross- Sector Set facilitator Stephen Hunter shared his thoughts about Executive transferable capabilities and shared some advice for leaders thinking about moving sectors. Please take the time to listen to both of the insightful interviews.

So, as we take a pause, and breathe let us join to celebrate your commitment to reflect and to continue to develop your leadership, to continue to support your teams and organisations and importantly to practice self-compassion. For 2023 the reset button enables us to think about self-compassion as the foundation for resilience. Self-compassion helps us develop the courage to face hard facts. It enables us to take a constructive — rather than critical or harsh — attitude and supports your capacity to navigate challenges and unpredictability. Self-compassion and compassion for others are linked… Being kind and nonjudgmental toward the self is good practice for treating others compassionately. We know from research that leaders who model compassion for themselves and others build trust and psychological safety that leads to higher engagement and sustainable high performance in teams and organisations. Therefore, in closing off 2022 and thinking about the horizon in 2023 lets continue to generate rich and deep insights based on self-compassion to realise the opportunities that lie ahead.

I look forward to connecting with you all in 2023, and wish you a prosperous and happy festive season.

About the Author

Dr Melanie Boursnell is an experienced Executive and Non-Executive Director who has contributed to improved health and social outcomes in a multitude of health areas. She specialises in scaling leadership, innovation, engagement, capability development and change.