In Conversations with Anna Leibel

30 Nov 2022

Anna Leibel is the author of The Secure Board, a senior executive across the financial services, management consulting, telecommunications and technology industries. Anna Leibel is currently a Non Executive Director for Alfred Health, Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee, and serves on their People and Culture Committee. She mentors elite sportswomen as a volunteer with Minerva Network.

With three decades experience in leading customer, business and digital change, she is a sought after advisor to Boards, Chief Executives and IT leaders on digital transformation, data, cyber, leadership and culture as well as a valuable member of HG’s inaugural Board Set.

Please take the time to listen to this insightful interview conducted by HG’s Executive Director of Leadership & Learning, Dr Melanie Boursnell as she discusses with Anna the trends in the coming year for the cybersecurity ecosystem.

In Conversations with Anna Liebel

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