In Conversation with Graeme Loy

21 Dec 2023

Kath Cook’s Reflections on the WSLHD Programme

Over the past year the HG team and I have co-designed and delivered a number of leadership development programmes geared at an organisational level in response to the growing complexity leaders are facing and their need to navigate change in a more joined up way.

Facilitating an action learning set (Set) at an organisational level has been a truly rewarding experience. This approach builds on our flagship trans-Tasman executive learning set programme, utilising action learning, appreciative enquiry and coaching within an organisational leadership context. In each instance the specific approach and design has been tailored to meet the unique needs and priorities of the organisation. In the case of the programme I have been delivering for the Western Sydney Local Health District, the commitment of the Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer to the design and ongoing development of the programme has been critical to its success. 

The unique blend of facilitated Set meetings and one to one coaching has enabled individual leaders to focus on leading self, leading their team, and leading the organisation in a much more intentional way. All programme participants have commented that they feel privileged to spend time together and to be supported in their growth as leaders. Leading health organisations is always challenging , perhaps never more so than now. The problems leaders bring to each Set meeting are always gnarly and the context challenging. There have been many light bulb moments. Most rewarding of all has been that moment when the power of the team has been realised!

Kath Cook

Executive Learning Set Facilitator & Coach

In Conversation with Graeme Loy