HardyGroup team up with Synergia to deliver a more integrated solution

14 Mar 2018

HardyGroup and Synergia are excited to announce our collaborative partnership. A natural evolution of the long-standing relationship between our respective leadership teams.

Over the past twenty-five years, each organisation has contributed to the health and wellbeing of Australian and New Zealand communities. We have done this in our own unique way through our different service offerings.

Our new partnership is directly in response to our respective clients’ challenge for us to provide a more integrated solution, drawing on our combined capabilities and expertise:

HardyGroup contributes to the health and wellbeing of society by finding and growing great leaders in health and human services. Our reach is global, identifying top talent from around the world, to ensure our Australasian clients are afforded real choice with best-in- field candidates from their home country as well as abroad. Our integrated solution means we also play an active role in
growing emerging talent while supporting top talent to remain at the top of their game.

Synergia is a leading Australasian consultancy, contributing to building strong and healthy nations by designing and developing high performing health and social systems. Our offering covers the full spectrum of the policy-to- implementation cycle, from specific service-level evaluation and design projects, to state and national strategies.

Hardy Group Chief Executive, Paul Ingle, says “I first met the Synergia team as a member of their expert panel convened to craft the national mental health and addiction blueprint for New Zealand. It was my first experience of working with a consultancy firm that cared just as much we did about what this work would mean for people’s lives. Years later I felt completely natural to accept the role of strategic advisor to their Board alongside Dame Paula Rebstock, Dr Lynne Lane and Tony Wai, just as this moment does to announce our partnership. We are in alignment from a values and vision perspective, yet our unique approach to achieving that makes for a partnership where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”

Synergia Managing Director, David Todd, says “From the moment I met Paul his passion for making a difference was clear. Having Paul become a Synergia strategic advisor made sense to us and it’s exciting to see our relationship continue to evolve with the establishment of this collaborative partnership. Our work often involves developing a strategy or designing a service that when implemented requires great leadership or new staff to be successful. Our clients often ask if we know any organisations who can help them ‘grow’ or ‘search’ for new talent.”

This partnership offers us the ability to not just recommend a world class organisation in the HardyGroup, but work alongside, with people we trust and with values that match ours.” This partnership brings together the collective skills, networks, experience of two organisations that care deeply about working alongside the health and social care sector to improve outcomes and the experience of care.