Governing Board Members sought for South Australia’s public health system Local Health Networks

18 Sep 2020

In July 2019 the South Australian Government introduced Local Health Network Governing Boards, an important component of the reform of the State’s health system.

Governing Boards were introduced for each of the 10 Local Health Network in South Australia: three metropolitan, one statewide and six located across regional South Australia. Governing Board members are positions of significant strategic leadership and responsibility in the health system. The Boards will ensure effective clinical and corporate governance and that the operations of the Local Health Network are carried out efficiently, effectively and economically. All 10 Boards have been working towards developing strategies to promote clinician engagement and consultation with health consumers and members of their respective communities, to improve local health outcomes.

To support the introduction of the Boards, appointments to the 10 Boards of Board Chairs and Board Members were made in 2018/2019. Each Governing Board comprises a mix of people with experience across different areas, including community engagement. The Health Care Act 2008 also prescribes that each Governing Board will have at least two members who are health professionals and one member who has expertise, knowledge, or experience in Aboriginal Health to help inform consultation and health outcomes for patient-facing programs for Aboriginal communities.

A second round of expressions of interest is now being called for members with experience as Board members to fill current and future vacancies. At the same time, a separate call is being made specifically for Board members with experience in Aboriginal Health service provision.

If you reside in South Australia and consider that you have the right skills and experience to fill a Governing Board member role for a Local Health Network, then please take a closer look at the call for Expressions of Interest here:

Further information is also available from the SA Health website: