Going Gold

31 Aug 2022

Next month we will be in Perth at the ACHSM Asia Pacific Health Leadership Congress and are very proud to be a gold sponsor, playing our part in bringing the Congress back to life after the trials and tribulations of the past 2 -3 years.

As part of that sponsorship, we will chair Plenary 2, where congress goers will get to hear from and interact with an international panel of speakers such as Dr Verna Yiu from Canada and Professor Dame Clare Gerada MBE in the UK as well as listen to what I am sure will be a fascinating keynote address from Dr Ben Harmer on the future of work in health.

It is an area we are paying very careful attention to and are now routinely asked by our clients to provide a perspective on, particularly as it relates to the depth and availability of leadership talent and their expectations of employers.

The four pre-pandemic R’s still hold true; right role, right place, right time, right remuneration. However, that is currently playing out as a baseline expectation as opposed to the ideal. Not hitting the four R’s can be a deal breaker now; not getting great leaders past go.

Increasingly so prospective candidates are wanting to understand culture and the extent to which organisational values are printed or lived and running in parallel with that is the extent to which they will have autonomy and flexibility in how they work.

That’s a very brief synopsis as it relates to talent already in the sector but what about tomorrow’s talent?

Traditionally health and human services could always rely on people being drawn to this line of work because it was very purpose orientated – caring, supporting, treating, saving. It’s why I trained and started life working in mental heath and addiction services and why most of the HG team started out in the health sector.

I am not sure that alone is a sufficiently compelling proposition anymore and leaders need the time and space to engage in deep thinking and discussion about this and the myriad of other complex challenges ahead in the post pandemic recovery era.

Our life’s work at HG is about Finding & Growing Great Leaders and one of the ways we have contributed to that over the last 30 years has been through our signature Executive Learning Set Program (Sets).

As an extension of our gold sponsorship we will also be offering a special deal for Congress goers to join our Sets program, so come and visit us at the HG stand and get with the program!

About the Author

Paul Ingle is the Chief Executive Officer of HG Australia and New Zealand. In addition to his leadership responsibilities, he leads HG’s most senior search assignments and facilitates a number of our Executive Learning Sets. He has an extensive leadership profile across health and human services in New Zealand, the UK and Australia.