Finding a Silver Lining

28 Jan 2021

There have been many papers and discussions held over the past 12 months about the impact of COVID-19 on our population’s mental health. Articles have been written, white papers published and discussions had about the short and long term affects.

My observations of the last 12 months have led me to conclude that COVID 19 has brought some silver linings. I have been privy to conversations where people speak of gaining real perspective as a result of the pandemic and without a doubt there seems to be a genuine sense of community and kindness being reported.

What has given me the most hope, is a growing awareness of the mental health challenges the pandemic has brought. Conversations are being had, services are being accessed and the stigma associated with depression and anxiety is being reduced. There is a sense of understanding and empathy being reported in ways we have not seen before.

With this growing acceptance demand for mental health and wellbeing services has and will continue to increase and we are certainly seeing that at HG from a recruitment perspective, and this month is no different.

I am very pleased to showcase two new roles that have just gone live:

Keep an eye on our website for a range of other roles that will also go live within the next 2 – 3 weeks.