Dr Liz Paslawsky: COVID-19 Global Healthcare Design Summit: A New Paradigm

31 Aug 2020

I am so pleased to share with you that Dr Liz Paslawsky, one of our highly experienced Executive Learning Set facilitators and coaches, is a keynote speaker at next month’s COVID-19 Global Healthcare Design Summit: A New Paradigm.

The summit kicks off with keynote talks from three global health leaders who have been involved in work relating to the pandemic on a number of different fronts:

Over the course of the 5 day Summit delegates will hear from speakers across the globe who share their international expertise and insights on how different countries’ healthcare systems have responded to the pandemic; including the UK, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Brazil to name a few.

As we know the emergence of a new human coronavirus impacted the way we live and work in far greater ways most of us ever imagined. Many lives have been lost, economies have spiralled into free fall, unemployment and under employment is skyrocketing and frontline services have been under sustained pressure.

As the weeks and months drag on:

These are some of the questions Liz will explore with global delegates as well as sharing her insights into the New Zealand and Australian population based health approach to fighting the pandemic.

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