Could You Change The Mental Health Landscape?

18 Feb 2020

Mental health and addiction problems touch the lives of many people throughout Australia and New Zealand. I am sure for many of us we have seen the ‘stats’ or an iteration of them depending on the source:

Stats sure, but actually people. People and their lives and the lives of those around them who care.

Having trained and worked in the mental health and addiction sector for the first twenty years of my career it is an area that I care very deeply about, even if I am not so close to it these days.

That is why it brings my team and I great joy to know we play a small but helpful part in an area that impacts most of us directly or by only a few degrees of separation.

This month we bring to you two really important roles in two different parts of the country.

Both roles create the opportunity for skilled, contemporary leaders to ensure their teams provide a broad range of services that people can trust, feel safe with and rely on when things are no longer at their best.

I would encourage you to explore these roles and if we haven’t contacted you yet please get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you.