Carpe Diem

12 Oct 2020

Is it time for you to seize the day?

As the Executive Director of Search and Recruitment clients will often ask when is the right time to go live with a Search? The answer is always NOW, if you have assessed a need on your executive or team then the time is now and you should not wait.

Of course, this year has been somewhat different for all us. Many of us, have not had the capacity or headspace to evaluate their teams and determine what they need moving forward. The COVID crisis, rightly so, has required our attention elsewhere.

The good news is, we are seeing positive signs of recovery in the Health Sector and a renewed focus on teams and team development. This month I am pleased to be able to bring to your attention NINE new roles to showcase this month across Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland and New Zealand.

If indeed, you are considering a career change then one of these roles may just be for you.

Is it your time to ‘Seize the Day’?