Book Review: Reinventing You, Dorie Clark

20 Jun 2013

Reinventing You Book ReviewDorie Clark, a branding executive, tells us how to thrive in today’s competitive, flooded job market and how to get what we want, whether a new job, a new career, a promotion, or, even better, self-reinvention.

Nowadays we have options. The option to change jobs. The option to move into different areas of our profession. The option to change careers. Not once, but multiple times if we please. Unlike the days when people fell into a profession when they were fairly young and stuck with it until retirement, year after year climbing the corporate ladder, there are now many roads to take in the proverbial wood.

Dorie Clark’s Reinventing You tells you how to advance your career, or start a new one, in the best possible way. More specifically, it is about self-branding – how to know and communicate your strengths and passions, how to set yourself apart, and how to develop an enticing brand that will convince your audience of the contributions you can make. Dorie quotes Steven Rice, the executive vice president of human resources at Juniper Networks, when discussing the imperative of reinvention for professionals:

How are you adapting and approaching your next reinvention curve? How are you staying relevant and competitive? People have to reinvent themselves to fit into the new context of work.”

This book provides strategic advice to executives at all stages who want to progress in some way or who want to perform at their very best in a competitive, flooded job market. Dorie provides real-life case studies, as well as profiles of, and interviews with, well-known business-world personalities like Marl Zuckerberg, Al Gore, Seth Godin, and more.

A relevant, accessible read.