APAC 2014 Forum

APAC 2014 ForumAsia Pacific Healthcare Conference (APAC), September 2014 – Exceptional line up of international Speakers

This year the speaker list for the Asia Pacific Healthcare Conference (APAC) brings under one roof some of the most internationally recognised and exceptional speakers in Healthcare. For the first time ever it will be held in Melbourne and HGI has secured for our Leadership Network, a great discount. HardyGroup International (HGI) are strongly supporting people in our health leader network to register for the 3rd Asia Pacific Healthcare Conference (APAC) to be held on 1-3 September in Melbourne. I attended the previous two conferences and have been truly inspired by the positive energy and visionary work of these individuals who are changing the face of healthcare globally.

This year the speaker list again brings under one roof some of the most internationally recognised and exceptional speakers in health. People like:-

  • Dr Dave Williams, Astronaut and CEO Southlake Health Centre, Canada
  • Maureen Bisognano, President and CEO of the Institute of Healthcare Innovation (IHI), USA
  • Goran Henriks, CE Learning and Innovation, Qulturum, Sweden
  • Sir Muir Gray, Better Value Healthcare, UK
  • Sir David Dalton, CEO Royal Salford NHS Foundation Trust, UK

In support of you, HGI has secured a 15% discount for people in our health network. To receive this, you will need to register through HGI on the buttons to your right or below.

Additional discounts will be negotiated on your behalf for larger groups. You may want to consider bringing a small team to cover a greater spread of sessions, involve yourself and your colleagues in networking with peers who are confronting similar challenges, and, share some stories.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Manager Leadership and Learning, Valentina Gottardo if you have questions vgottardo@hardygroupintl.com + 61 2 9900 0105.

To read more about the program and other speakers, please visit the APAC website.

Kevin Hardy