An invitation to Health Chief Executives & DDG’s

14 Mar 2019

We are establishing two new Executive Learning Sets for CEO and DDG level members to commence in July and have five spots left.

HardyGroup Executive Learning Sets

Access the world’s most talented network. Real work learning and development in health, public, not for profit and for purpose sectors.

Cross Tasman CEO & DDG Executive Learning Set Program

A great opportunity to talk to peers, get perspective, get grounded and not feel on your own.” – Set Member: large, complex health organisation and system CEO

Length Frequency Location Start date
1.5 days 4 x a year Rotates to member locations July 2019

*Membership renewable annually

You and Your Set

You are an experienced CEO or DDG who wants to engage with a hard to find opportunity to discuss your issues and learn from your peers in a safe environment. You are open to learning from a diverse, small network of 8-9 peers who are confronting complex problems at the same level as you.

Member Profile

This Set is for CEOs & DDG’s from Australia and New Zealand who are at the top of their career and their organisation. Individuals who are immersed in the demands of policy and the politics of government, corporate governance and shaping the external environment whilst managing important stakeholder relationships. These Sets are for peers who are system and organisational heads for whom preparing for future strategy is critical, and who lead in an interconnected environment. Members at this level, lead larger scale, and significant complexity. In the For-Purpose sector, CEOs facing the challenge of transitioning through funding changes and consumer expectations, dealing with the requirement to be commercially driven and customer focussed.  

Members generally have a minimum of 10-15 years executive experience.

Positively impact your career

“Last week a member of one of my CEO Sets mentioned: “I have been in this Set for fourteen years”. He came to Australia and that year, I approached him to join a Leaning Set. His career over the time I have known him is impressive. He progressed in health to lead a $2B+ system before taking the leap to become CEO of a for purpose organisation, leading large, extremely complex commercially driven business operations whilst managing consumer expectations and a workforce in transformation. Read my interview with this CEO in April HGinSIGHT.” – Kevin Hardy, Founder and Set leader (March 2019)


For more information download brochure or contact Jared Hardy at