Accelerating Leadership Development In The Northern Territory

29 Jun 2023

This month, HG’s Leadership and Learning Consultant Andrew Monro joined the networking event for the Australasian College of Health Service Management (ACHSM) in Darwin to launch HG’s Northern Territory Learning Set. This initiative, in conjunction with the ACHSM NT Branch, will provide NT members the ability to join an NT-centric Learning Set.

We continue to face a complex and dynamic health environment combined with accelerated technological change similar to the Industrial Revolution. These changes require courageous leaders who can negotiate these changes and quickly adapt to new challenges. It is in this context that HG Learning Sets truly come into their own extending and stretching our leaders in their development.

Our Executive Learning Set participants can testify that belonging to a HG Learning Set surrounds you with your own personal board of advisors, a sounding board to help each other negotiate challenging situations. HG takes its mission statement ‘Find and Grow Great Leaders’ very seriously. This mission is also our main objective in starting this pilot NT Learning Set.

Our NT Learning Set will challenge and guide participants and see them grow personally and professionally combined with building their networks. As this set will be NT centric, it will have a more honed focus on issues directly effecting the NT.

In addition to this, by partnership with the ACHSM’s NT Branch, each member will also be able to take advantage of ACHSM’s Networking Events which will be held in conjunction with the Set Meetings. This will allow participants to learn from, and engage with, unique guest speakers.

We are excited by these opportunities and have opened the NT Learning Set to anyone who is hungry to develop and accelerate their career. HG is also proud to provide funding for two positions to support First Nations leaders to participate.

All members of the ACHSM can take advantage of the 30 Maintenance of Certification (MOC) points on offer for being part of HG’s Learning Sets program. If you’re eligible and haven’t done so, take advantage of this today.