A Proven Remedy

21 Sep 2020

I have no idea who said it’s lonely at the top but they may well have said it can feel a little lonely along the way getting there too.

Certainly most agree it is a privilege to be in a leadership role however when you read statistics in credible journals, like the Harvard Business Review, that over 50% of leaders feel isolated and over 60% believe it hinders their performance your mind naturally turns to how to remedy that.

If that’s the case in ‘normal times’ surely that must be amplified in the current environment where coronavirus is having such a profound impact on how we live and in an organisational sense survive or thrive?

I won’t go into detail of why leadership isolation is so pervasive and common other than to say in the current environment there will be plenty of leaders processing sensitive information they are not currently permitted to share but desperately needing a confidential and sound perspective on.

One of the reasons our Executive Learning Set (Set) program exists, and has stood the test of time for over thirty years, is because wherever a person is in their leadership journey there will always be a need for a safe and confidential space to discuss concerns and challenges, bounce ideas around and gain perspective.

Michelle Fyfe, Chief Executive St John Western Australia, reflects on the fellowship and value she draws from her Set here: