A New Zealand Calling

29 Jan 2020

I am very pleased we are steadily becoming recognised as an experienced and capable New Zealand executive recruitment partner, just as we are in Australia.

Now with five New Zealanders on the team, myself included, I am confident we can, and do partner effectively with clients because we understand the context – things like the systems in which roles operate, culture and the unique make up of communities across the country.

Without any fanfare we have successfully completed a growing number of key appointments at either a district, regional or national level over the past five years and I am delighted we have been afforded the privilege of bringing you a further four roles to consider. In my view they are each in their own way exceptional.

Chief Executive Cancer Control Agency

Cancer is the leading cause of death in New Zealand. Each year, around 23,000 people are diagnosed with cancer and 10,000 die from the disease. This burden is not shared equally: Māori, Pacific peoples, those who live in rural and highly deprived areas, people with mental illness and disabled people experience worse cancer outcomes than other New Zealanders.

We are partnering with the State Services Commission to recruit the Chief Executive for the newly formed Cancer Control Agency. This really is a mission critical role and will require the successful candidate to play a lead role in driving the system change needed to achieve the ambitious goals set out in the New Zealand Cancer Action Plan 2019-2029 (the Action Plan).

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Waikato District Health Board

Under the leadership of a very experienced and newly appointed Chief Executive, Dr Kevin Snee, and a Commissioner model of governance, the Waikato District Health Board has a clear pathway forward to address the challenges that have faced the organisation over the past few years.

Some people choose to join an organisation at its best while others choose to join because they see its potential as well as the areas of excellence that already exist.

Three roles that will play a significant part in building on the momentum already occurring at the DHB are: