60 seconds with Paul Ingle – New Year, New Faces

28 Jan 2020

If you are quietly changing and growing there naturally comes a moment in time where what you really do is no longer quite in step with what people think you do.

I am speaking of organisations of course as they evolve and I guess the best thing is to not make assumptions that people should just know.

This was brought home to me on three occasions recently:

Given our expanding profile our team is growing too and I am delighted to share with you the four new people to join our Executive Search team.

We will also recruit an additional Research Associate, key as the demand for top talent tightens, and a new business development manager as we continue to diversify the Sets program across health and human services and expand our cross- sector sets.

A website revamp may appear to be just a cosmetic upgrade but given our broadening range of services it becomes so much more than just a facelift. Led by our marketing team we launched the new site recently as a much improved representation of who we are, who our clients are and our range of service offerings.

In the coming months new and interesting content will be steadily added, for example video interviews and case studies from Set members describing why they joined a Set, the benefits they draw from it and examples of the wicked problems they have resolved along the way.

A first cab off the rank I would like to share with you is our learning sets explainer video. Why? Because people who have never been in a learning set said they didn’t understand the concept and how impactful it was. Please feel free to share it across your network.

I hope you enjoy the rest of this month’s newsletter just as much as we enjoy preparing it for you!