60 seconds with Kevin Hardy – the first 100 days

06 Feb 2018

I don’t know what the text books say about what you should do in the first 3 months /100 days after you take up your promotion to a new executive role, but here are a few thoughts gleaned from many meetings with senior executives and how they have gone about it. This is no text book list of points for you to follow slavishly.

It is an amalgam of different approaches that you might use as a guide that you pick and choose from, add your own steps, or, decide on your own unique approach based on the context, the people and the priorities you inherit. Whilst you will have a set of “riding instructions” you have to decide what your final approach or plan will be. Remembering of course that a plan is just a plan and when it hits the reality of what is actually happening on the ground then it will change because people, priorities and politics are involved.

Whatever you do, it will require a high level of listening and communication skills. Be clear about 3 things that you will focus on not 30. You will not change the world in 3 months. You are taking stock, getting to know people, and, setting the scene for what you want to achieve over 3 years.