60 seconds with Kevin Hardy – randomly useful questions for your next meeting

14 Mar 2018

I have a fair bit of experience sitting in meetings and wondering how to get to the crux of a matter or get beyond what might be assumptions or pre-conceived decision making. When we are in meetings how much do we really challenge ourselves or question statements or make assumptions that what someone has said is right? Building expertise in questioning techniques is a powerful skill to possess and develop. I don’t profess to be an expert, but I have learnt over time that there are some questions that in the right context, are those powerful questions that will challenge, support good decision making, get beyond assumptions. Context, of course, is critical. Context tells us:

Taking into account the context that you find yourself in, here are some questions you might use when scoping a project or plan, when deciding strategy or problem solving approaches or to help a member of staff to think through a situation. These, of course, need to be varied to suit the situation you are in and to suit your own style.