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A Diverse Range Of Talented Leaders Gathered At HG’s Inaugural Board Chair Leadership Set

We are delighted to share with you our fantastic news following the success of our first Board Chair Leadership Set held in Adelaide last month. With their facilitator Anne Skipper, this talented, smart and courageous group…

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Book Review: Left Brain Right Stuff

How leaders make winning decisions ISBN: 9781610393072 (hardcover); 9781610393089 (e-book) Anyone who has, even perfunctorily, dipped into the science of decision-making will have heard of a couple of factors that distort human judgment. We are subject…

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The Map is not the Territory

The map of an organisation is surface material. In this article, Kevin Hardy looks at how to delve deeper into the territory of an organisation to diagnose its flaws and identify its true decision makers, who…

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