Could this be the next step in your career?

This weekend I had the pleasure of dining out with three very successful women in my friendship circle. Each of our career journeys were undoubtedly unique but all of us at same stage had:

  • Moved sideways instead of upward
  • Returned to work after having children and questioned, just how do I do this?
  • Stayed in roles that did not satisfy us because they were safe and worked for the family
  • Pursued an opportunity, only to be knocked back
  • Encountered some form a sexism or ageism
  • Wished they had pursed an opportunity but had let fear hold them back
  • Been a passenger in their career rather than a driver

I encourage you to engage with a moment of self-reflection. Where are you currently in your career? Are you steaming ahead with your documented career plan, SMART objectives, and goals? Or are you currently feeling like that ‘passenger’ going about your day to day role with limited focus on the future? If the ‘passenger’ resonates with you, it may be time to set aside a few hours to develop your own career plan. Whether you are kicking goals and up for a new challenge or feeling a bit stuck, what we all agreed (over dinner) is that the sweet spot is the right role, at the right place and at the right time. Perhaps one of these great roles achieve those three ticks for you?

  1. Chief Financial Officer – Northland District Health Board
  2. General Manager, Medical and Elderly Services – Northland District Health Board
  3. Chief Executive (Commissioner) – Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health

Until next time, Lynette