Te Aka Whai Ora | Māori Health Authority Board (H23_4393)

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On behalf of the Minister of Health, Manatū Hauora | Ministry of Health is seeking candidates who wish to be considered for appointment as members of the Te Aka Whai Ora Board. This is an opportunity to contribute to giving Māori a vehicle to shape health outcomes for Māori and to give effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.


In 2018 the New Zealand Government commissioned the Health and Disability System Review | Hauora Manaaki Ki Aotearoa Whānui (the review) to identify how to strengthen the health system to ensure every New Zealander can access the right care at the right time.

A comprehensive process of consultation and engagement with a diverse group of communities and stakeholders occurred throughout Aotearoa and the final report was passed to the Government in March 2020.

In summary the review confirmed the following:

  • the needs of Māori have not been served well and Māori continue to have persistently poorer health outcomes
  • Pasifika and a number of priority populations have also been underserved
  • consumer preferences of where and how services should be delivered has consistently not been met
  • the system is very fragmented, overly complicated, and
  • is facing significant financial pressures that are impacting its sustainability.

In response to the review findings, in April 2021 the Government confirmed its decision to embark on a once in a generational health and disability system reform.


Te Aka Whai Ora has been established as an independent statutory entity under section 17 of the Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) Act 2022, which came into effect on 1 July 2022. Te Aka Whai Ora is governed by a Board of five to eight members that report directly to the Minister of Health.

Te Aka Whai Ora is a ground-breaking organisation designed to give Māori a vehicle to shape health outcomes for Māori and to give effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi. It embodies partnership in its contribution to the public health and disability system in Aotearoa, both collaborating with Te Whatu Ora and Manatū Hauora and acting as an agent for tino rangatiratanga, with joint accountabilities to the Crown and Māori.

In doing so it both acts as a policy and strategy agency, providing advice alongside Manatū Hauora, and as a commissioner of care across the health and disability system. The final budget and workforce for Te Aka Whai Ora are still to be determined but will represent a sizeable part of the health and disability system with co-commissioning responsibilities over most services. At its establishment, it includes a workforce of approximately 200 people and oversees an initial annual operational expenditure of $100 million ramping up significantly over time.


The Minister of Health is now calling for nominations for two vacancies on Te Aka Whai Ora Board (the Board) to enhance the existing Board composition. This is a targeted process and applications will be assessed according to the skills and experience the Board requires at this particular time.

The candidate recruitment process for the Board is being stewarded by the Hauora Māori Advisory Committee, who are supported by a secretariat within the Māori Health Directorate inside Manatū Hauora.

Hardygroup has been engaged to support the selection and recruitment process to identify suitable candidates for two vacancies on the Board.

The Board needs to be exceptionally high performing, drawing on a diversity of expertise from the most experienced leaders in Aotearoa who are able to both expertly guide a new entity through very significant public sector reform as well as govern a significant, new public sector agency.

Ultimately, they will exercise significant strategic governance and system leadership responsibility over the provision of high quality, safe and effective health services that robustly address health inequity.

Manatū Hauora is committed to considering candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds, age, gender, ethnicity and geographic locations to enable the board to be high-performing.

The Application Process:

For a confidential discussion and to learn more about this exciting opportunity please contact:

Tu Williams, HardyGroup Consultant

E: tu.williams@matohu.co.nz

M: +64 (0)27 789 9891

Or Paul Ingle, Chief Executive Officer, HardyGroup

E: pingle@hardygroupintl.com

M: +64 (0)21 029 18623

Please see Candidate Information and application form on the buttons above right.

Applications close: Monday 24th of April 2022