Clinical Director: Mental Health and Wellbeing Services (H23_4334)

  • Be a leader in delivering high-quality mental health services
  • Make a difference in the lives of mental health consumers
  • Develop your leadership and management skills
  • Contribute to the ongoing development of mental health services

The Clinical Director of Mental Health and Wellbeing Services at South West Healthcare (SWH) is a senior leadership role with a primary objective to provide clinical leadership and management in the delivery of high-quality mental health services. The Clinical Director will have professional governance responsibilities for the medical staff within the portfolio and will work closely with the Executive Director to monitor and manage the department’s activity and budget. The Clinical Director will also collaborate with other Directors to plan and implement coordinated clinical services.

The Clinical Director will provide high-level supervision to all senior and junior medical staff and ensure quality patient care through leading peer review, quality assurance, and clinical governance activities. They will also be the Authorised Psychiatrist for the service and represent the service in various intra and inter hospital  committee  meetings.

The Clinical Director will support the delivery of the Deakin University medical student program and will be responsible for recruiting and managing medical staff, implementing performance support, and ensuring relevant orientation and training programs are in place. They will also be responsible for implementing evidence-based best practice in the delivery of psychiatric services, establishing and monitoring clinical standards within a recovery framework, and developing policies and procedures for optimal patient care.

Working with the Executive Director of Medical Services and other senior leaders, the Clinical Director will  support improved clinical services at SWH and ensure compliance with policies, procedures, and guidelines to meet optimal patient care standards.

Outside of work, the successful candidate will get to experience life in the vibrant South West coast of Victoria, with easy access to attractions such as the Ship Wreck Coast, Great Ocean Road, Grampians, Whale Watching and the wineries at Great Western.

For a confidential discussion and to learn more about this exciting opportunity please contact:

Philip Best – Principal Search Consultant at HardyGroup

(M) +61 (0)432 173 611 (E)

Applications Close: Monday 10th April 2023